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A Cheesy Macaroni Story

June 3, 2021

2020 was a “ruff” year and the Wender family had just lost their baby girl Bailey, a small silky terrier. While scrolling through Facebook, my lovely friend Norah had posted an adorable photo of the tiniest little Chihuahua and was asking for name suggestions. I instantly knew he was going to be important in my life. I threw the name- Macaroni out there and it stuck! A few days later I started thinking about adopting him but was unsure during Covid. I safely met him at Norah’s house and fell in love. He is full of energy and loves to play. His curly tail and big black spots just make him the most adorable mix I have ever seen. The Wender family decided to take a chance and foster this little ball of energy and he fit right in. He loves playing on his own and he enjoys walks outside. He recently got a snuggle bed that he lays in every evening when we sit to watch TV as a family on the sofa. We can always tell when he is sleepy because his ears get floppy and fold down as he tries to fight it.You can definitely see he has us wrapped around his little paw. He has brought our family so much joy in a time of stress and uncertainty. I can’t wait to watch him grow up, but for now he is only 3 lbs- 3 ounces and we call him Macaroni Al Dente Wender- Mac for short.