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Fun and happy stories about our adopted animals.

A Cheesy Macaroni Story

2020 was a "ruff" year and the Wender family had just lost their baby girl Bailey, a small silky terrier. While scrolling through Facebook, my lovely friend Norah had posted an adorable photo ...

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Tofu with new mom Leslie

Tofu is not really a dog, she’s a monkey in a dog suit! She builds intricate nests in her crate by stealing anything that smells like me – robe, dirty clothes, yoga mat. ...

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Reecy (formerly Chere) with new mom Wanda

Reecy continues to be awesome. She has completely settled in with our routine. I showed her bed to her one time, and immediately she claimed it as if it had been hers forever ...

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Piper is now running her new home and keeping her brother, Finn (another senior) in line! Piper loves to play fetch and can be found most days at the Deep Ellum Dog Park. ...

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