Reecy (formerly Chere) with new mom Wanda Banner

Reecy (formerly Chere) with new mom Wanda

September 1, 2012

Reecy continues to be awesome. She has completely settled in with our routine. I showed her bed to her one time, and immediately she claimed it as if it had been hers forever – it’s placed next to Blondie’s where they sleep/stay during the day. Her recovery from heartworm treatment continues to go without a problem. She has the sweetest personality. When she walks she’s always wagging her tail – such a happy little girl. She has officially become a “lap dog”. When she sees me settle into my easy chair for TV watching or reading, she immediately comes over to me wanting in my lap, which I welcome. If I’m not touching her while she’s in my lap, she paws at my hand to be placed upon her. I have cleaned her up a little at a time, and she looks darling. She’s so calm when I brush her, as well as when I clean her with a wash towel. She is so agreeable with everything I’ve done to her. Needless to say, I could not be more pleased. She’s so easy to love.