Tofu with new mom Leslie Banner

Tofu with new mom Leslie

September 1, 2012

Tofu is not really a dog, she’s a monkey in a dog suit! She builds intricate nests in her crate by stealing anything that smells like me – robe, dirty clothes, yoga mat. If she decides to go sleep with the big dogs on their beds, she moves the entire nest, piece by piece, over to their area. She can open and close doors, while standing on her hind legs, including the baby gate (monkey, not dog) but she usually only does that when she thinks I’m not looking. She has started testing her boundaries by trying out a little chewing – but she only tries things once and once told “no” she never touches that kind of object again. When she thinks she might have done something wrong she puts herself in her crate and closes the door – usually a good giveaway that’s she’s been exploring while I was out of the room. She’s also a an amazing problem solver. She won over Rune, my 10 your old pittie, and Missie Blanche, my 9 year old English Mastiff, within days and they were pretty sure they did NOT want another dog around here. Now it’s always playtime with the old folks. She’s even solved a lifelong problem for Rune- he’s terrifiied of storms and wind sounds. If Rune is nervous, Missie Blanche is nervous and that’s a lot of dog pacing around my small house or sitting on my feet. During our first storm together, Tofu watched this for about an hour then jumped up, herded Rune into her crate and closed the door (he’s never been crated in his life) where he looked around and decided he really liked it in there, then moved both 42″ square dog beds (that weigh a ton) over into a corner of the den where the wind noise wasn’t as bad, herded Missie Blanche onto the beds, snuggled with her until she calmed down and then they all took a nap for the rest of the afternoon! She is perfect and ridiculous!