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Food Brands We Recommend

May 19, 2021

Good nutrition is the building block that provides the energy components needed for your pet to grow, properly develop, and stay active throughout their life. Feeding good quality food is extremely important and not all foods are created equal. We recommend switching up your protein source twice a year so your pet doesn’t develop an allergy to a specific protein. Stay away from corn products and meat by-products.

**** Dogs cannot process corn; they can develop skin allergies and it is hard on the internal system; basically it is a cheap filler for the dog food companies.

Good food should cost about $1.25 per pound. Dogs are not natural carb eaters so their food should not contain more than 1/2 carbs. You want to see whole foods like cranberries, sweet potatoes, etc. vs. meals, brans, or additives. Also beware of gluten, this is used to firm the stool and is most common in lower end food brands. What do you want to look for our brands that use human graded ingredients. For example, you want to see things like whole deboned chicken. Below are the foods we are currently recommending. We go by The Whole Dog Journal’s annual pet food review of best foods.

*These are our recommendations, please consult your vet for any medical needs.

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