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May 19, 2021

Getting the right gear for your pet is super important and knowing your dog is key to finding the right gear. It’s important to start off with a 4-6 ft. fixed leash, unless, you are working on recall training, and then you can use a 20ft fixed lead. Never ever use a retractable leash. They are one of the worst training gimmics out there. Many cities are even banning them. It teaches your dog to have zero boundaries. Retractable leashes are also extremely dangerous when entangled and are harder to control when the dog unexpectedly lunges after something causing many injuries like degloved fingers, degloved tails, loosing parts of tongues and more. They are just bad news. So a fixed 4-6 ft leash it is! Is your dog pretty good on a leash? If so a regular quick-release collar or martingale collar will work just fine.If your dog is a bit more of a puller and you need some more control, then a harness is a great choice. Remember dogs pull from their chest, so make sure your harness has not only a ring to clip on the dog’s back, but also its chest. Clipping from the chest gives you more control. If your dog is an extreme puller, then a Gentle Leader may be the perfect answer for you. We DO NOT condone the use of choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars, which are all forms of punishment. Below are some of our favorite gear!


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