Abbey Banner


February 1, 2014

Abbey came into our lives only six months after I moved to Dallas from the U.K. She was the ultimate first dog – so easy going, would let us take her anywhere and was my constant companion in the months that my husband travelled. She came with me to work every day, snored loudly behind my desk, ate my colleague’s burger off his chair (he quickly learned never to leave food around with Abbey in the building) and was loved on by everyone. I thought I may be able to go jogging with her but quickly stood corrected as she looked at me in horror the first time I jogged with her around the block. Exercise was not her thing. She hated dog parks and would be the happiest sunning herself in our backyard. Her only downside: she was so easy going, she didn’t deter burglars from breaking into our house three times – when she was there. I can just imagine she raised her head in vague interest at them breaking in, realized they didn’t have food and went back to sleep. A burglar’s dream!

We loved Abbey dearly and still miss her dear sweet disposition. She flirted with fame – appearing in The Polyphonic Spree’s music video “Oh I Feel Fine” but she didn’t let it go to her head. She kept those big paws of hers on the ground at all times.” Here is a link to the video: