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February 1, 2014

Lillie died this morning. She was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure a year ago at the end of September 2012 and he told me then, that based on how huge her heart was, that she only had 6 months to a year. She was 12.5. I pulled her from the shelter in February, 2009 and officially adopted her in November, 2009.

Lillie (formerly, Lil Bit) came in with another male Poodle (I don’t remember his name but I do remember he had pancreatitis) and a Chihuahua named Killer. They had been left alone in the house for a year after the owner died. His ex-wife would come over and feed them. The son broke into the house and the girlfriend or somebody called the police. When the police got there and found the three dogs and feces all over, they called Animal Control. I was told that she would be available on a Friday at 6 so I showed up at 4:30 and waited until they got tired of seeing me and they let me pull her for EARS. They had already given the ex-wife 10 days to come get the dogs and she never did. The male Poodle went to another rescue and the Chihuahua got adopted at a Tri-Cities event.

One of the reasons I decided to adopt Lillie from EARS, besides the fact that she was so sweet, pretty, and the perfect size, was because my male Maltese, Jake, had gotten fearful of riding in the car. Lillie calmed him down and helped him relearn to enjoy the ride again. She and Jake were almost the same size, about 7.5 lbs. Lillie was super smart and learned very quickly. She was quick as lightning and even grabbed and killed a lizard who was on the side of the house. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I will miss her terribly.