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Mr. Flash Matthew Houdini

December 19, 2015

Adopted & unconditionally loved on 06.29.09
Gained his angel wings on 12.19.15

We were fortunate to adopt Mr. Flash from EARS, who pulled him from a shelter the day before he was to be euthanized. There was a note on his cage that said he was a “runner.” From the moment we brought Mr. Flash into our home as a potential foster dog — to see if our other beagle would approve — we knew he was a keeper. He lovingly ran into our big, fenced in back yard and immediately our black and white beagle, Kenna, ran up to him — all the other potential fosters she ran and hid from.

Mr. Flash was always the “star of the show” — he was everyone’s friend, didn’t know a stranger, loved to snuggle, and considered himself a 30lb lap dog. He had a sparkle in his eyes, loved to go on walks, had an uncontrollable desire to eat and eat anything he could get his chops on! One of his favorite things to do was to go on rides — oh how he loved to sick his head out the window and sniff. When in the vehicle if the window wasn’t down you could hear his paw scraping at the window as to hurry up and let the air in! You could see his jowls flapping in the wind, his big beagle ears being whipped around, and most importantly his nose was turned on to everything possible — sniffing until he wore himself out! Just hearing the word “ride” would send him into a frenzy of running through the house, barking, and his tail wagging crazily.

Mr. Flash, prior to live with us, had a tough life. He came from a rough neighborhood and was malnourished. Resilient. He was oh-so resilient and to meet him you would have never suspected he was an abandoned dog. We know that the 6 years he was our fur-child were the best years of his life — but ironically, he gave us more then we could ever have given him. We were unsure of his age, but his love and zest for life made up everything. Mr. Flash was the type of loyal, loving beagle, who kept things interesting — whether it was digging his way out from under the fence, chasing squirrels and breaking his paw in the process, he could tip over a trash can as soon as you turned your back, or the need to get under every blanket possible in the bed in order to be a vital part of the family — loud snoring included! Mr. Flash was as loyal as they come. You could see his soul in his big, brown eyes. He was oh so loved and loved us back.

It is true that dogs teach us about love and life. Mr. Flash did that for us and so much more. While our hearts ache that he is no longer with us — his spirit, memory, and zest for life will always be in our hearts and memories. We find peace and a sense of calmness knowing that the sunshine that is cast down upon us is a message from Mr. Flash letting us know that he’s always with us and looking over us.

We love and miss you sweet fur-boy. We know you are free! Keep wagging your tail, chasing squirrels, and know that we miss and love you and think about you every single day.

Until we see you again sweet Mr. Flash!
With all the love in the world,
Dad, Mom, Kipton, & Kenna Jo